Funeral Packages

Funeral and Burial at Sea Packages

We offer a variety of packages to help you and your family in planning the right service to honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. When you choose one of these packages, you will find outstanding quality of service and exceptional value.

Traditional Funeral Package

(All of the funeral packages priced below include the following goods and services).

  • Services of Our Funeral Director and Staff
  • Embalming
  • Transfer of the deceased from place of death to our Funeral Home (within a 20 mile radius)
  • Dressing, Casketing and Cosmetics
  • Visitation /Calling hours for 2 hours
  • Funeral Service at our Chapel
  • Use of hearse for Funeral Ceremony
  • Casket
  • Register book and 80 prayer cards (with or without photograph)

Additional Options Available

  • Additional calling hours (per 2 hours) - $500.00
  • Use of Equipment for Graveside Service - $350.00
  • Use of Equipment for a Church Service- $350.00
  • 6 passenger limousine - $450.00
  • Video Tribute (50 slide maximum) -$250.00
  • Certified copies of the death certificate (charge varies)
  • Licensed Hairdresser - $95.00

These options also do not include the purchase of: grave markers, cemetery fees, outer burial containers, Church and Clergy fees or any other services or cash advanced items not mentioned in the included details.

The Funeral Package prices range from $4,200.00 to $7,295.00 depending on the following selection of caskets.

All of the caskets shown include the price of the Traditional Funeral Package:


    • Q.C. Allen Series Package (available in a variety of colors with crepe interior) $4,200.00
    • Q.C. Canton Series Package (available in a variety of colors with crepe interior) $4,400.00
    • Q.C. Last Supper Package (White with white crepe interior) $4,600.00
    • N.C. Omega Series Package (available in a variety of colors with crepe interior) $4,900.00
    • Q.C. Tiffany Grecian Package (bronze and gold finish with eggshell crepe interior) $5,150.00
    • Q.C. Going Home Package (brushed storm blue finish with blue velvet interior) $5,200.00
    • Q.C. Black Knight Package (black with silver finish and white velvet interior) $5,200.00
    • Q.C. Triton Midnight Package (brushed midnight blue finish with white velvet interior) $5,295.00
    • Q.C. Fulton Silver Package (brushed silver finish with white velvet interior) $5,295.00
    • Q.C. Silver Rose Package (silver rose shaded with pink velvet ineterior) $5,295.00
    • Q.C. Antique White Rose Package (white with pink velvet interior) $5,295.00
    • N.E. Golden Cross Package (white with white crepe interior) $5,495.00
    • N.E. Pieta Package (available in a variety of colors with velvet interior) $7,000.00    

      • Q.C. Steuben Package(engineered poplar with soft white crepe interior) $5,200.00
      • Q.C. Lexington Light Package(oak veneer, golden oak finish with eggshell velvet interior) $6,000.00
      • Q.C. Hampton Dark Package (solid poplar, dark cherry stain with eggshell velvet interior) $6,150.00
      • Q.C. Windham Package (solid hardwood, poplar finish with rosetan crepe interior) $6,175.00
      • N.E. Pieta Package (solid poplar, available in cherry or oak finish with white crepe interior) $6,500.00
      • Q.C. aspen Solid Oak  Package(solid oak, dark satin finish with almond velvet interior) $6,500.00
      • Q.C. San Giovanni Package (solid poplar, mahogany finish with champagne velvet interior) $6,500.00
      • Q.C. Covington Package (solid mahogany with eggshell velvet interior) $7,295.00

    New England Burials at Sea Package

    Graham Putnam and Mahoney Funeral Parlors works with Captain Brad White of New England Burials at Sea to offer an alternative burial service for cremated remains and full body burials at sea. People who select this option have a real love for the ocean and they do not want a traditional funeral. As Captain White has stated “it is a very moving, beautiful service… the body is launched into the ocean’s depths and there is closure, a celebration of life well lived.”

    Please look at New England Burials at Sea Price List. (Link Opens New Window)

    Funeral Package - Transport your Loved One Back Home - $5,225.00

    We at Graham Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Parlors are here to help you and your family with the transfer of your loved one back home. We offer our families the following Funeral Package:

    • Services of Our Funeral Director and Staff
    • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home
    • Embalming and Other Preparation of the deceased
    • Use of Facilities for visitation (3 hours)
    • Canton 20 gauge steel Casket (Sealed)
    • Coordinating funeral arrangements with a designated receiving funeral home.
    • Securing all the necessary permits and authorizations from the Consulate (does not include consulate fees)
    • Shipping Air-Tray and Transportation to Logan Airport

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